The Top 10 Products of Conscious Customers in July

CodeCheck’s approximately three million active users value sustainability and want to know exactly what is included in the products they choose. Their lifestyles are characterized by being environmentally conscious and healthy, for both themselves and the future of the earth. Oeeda’s monthly analysis of the products with the most activity shows the products that conscious consumers were looking for.… Read MoreWeiterlesen

Free From Claims – Product attributes that influence buying decisions

Conscious consumers value natural, health-friendly ingredients that do not pollute the body and the environment. The potential customer wants to know the ingredients and requires transparency to make a purchase decision. This new development of customer needs is also reflected in the claims used, which are increasingly read on packaging. Free from palm oil, parabens, silicone or animal testing are just a few of the drivers that are important to the Clean Consumer. “Free from” claims are product attributes that can be the deciding factor for buying decisions at the point of sale. CodeCheck has analyzed the impact of these claims on product choices and satisfaction with some of the 3 million users of CodeCheck, the leading community for conscious consumers in the German-speaking world.… Read MoreWeiterlesen

Interview: How CodeCheck Helps FMCG Manufacturers to Understand Conscious Consumers

It is a € 2 billion market in Germany alone: the world of conscious consumers who, when shopping, pay attention to organic, fair trade, gluten- or lactose-free. “Conscious consumers are individual, independent, informed, technologically versatile and have a strong focus on transparency,” says Dr. Mandy Hecht. She manages CodeCheck Insigths, the B2B section of the Consumer App CodeCheck. In this interview, Mandy Hecht explains how CodeCheck helps globally leading FMCG companies better understand conscious consumers and develop innovative products for them.… Read MoreWeiterlesen