The 3.5 million CodeCheck users want products that are equally good for the body and the environment and come from a sustainable production. The monthly evaluation of CodeCheck’s Insights shows which products attracted a lot of attention from conscious consumers in February and achieved high interaction values, for example, in product scans and reviews.

The top 3 products from February 2020 at a glance

Looking for tailor-made insights on conscious consumers for your company?

Then, you may want to try and use CodeCheck Insights, the largest panel for conscious consumers in the German-speaking countries. The CodeCheck app platform is reaching 3.5 million users. Ask users directly and receive informative data and valuable insights into the desires of the discerning and conscious consumers – segmented according to your wishes.

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Methodology: All interactions triggered by CodeCheck users are measured. This includes scanning, searching, product page views, comments, voting and rating.