Customer Listening: How to find the right drivers for your consumers

The increased willingness of people to share opinions, desires, frustrations, etc. in different sources have provided companies the opportunity to be more aware of what customers want. Customer listening has turned into a popular and almost mainstream practice due to the possibility to have aggregated views that highlight trends that can be translated into insights that can drive actionability.… Read MoreWeiterlesen

Ingredient of December: Hemp

Hemp has been known for thousands of years to be a useful substance. It has been used to produce rope and clothing, among other things. In recent decades, the plant has been associated with intoxicants. Hemp, also known as cannabis, can be used for so much more. Today, it is used as a natural fiber, an oil to relieve pain, and an ingredient in foods, skin and hair care products, and cosmetics. CodeCheck Insights explains in the series “Ingredient of the Month” how manufacturers can score points with conscious consumers with hemp as an ingredient.… Read MoreWeiterlesen

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