The Top 5 Products of Conscious Consumers in September

CodeCheck’s approximately three million active users value sustainability and want to know exactly what is included in the products they choose. Their lifestyles are characterised by being environmentally conscious and healthy, for both themselves and the future of the earth. CodeCheck’s monthly analysis of the products with the most activity shows the products that conscious consumers were looking for.… Read MoreWeiterlesen

Microbiome and Skincare Products: Living Ingredients with a Future

Increasing beauty from within by improving the bacterial ecosystem of the skin: This is what skincare products aim for if they rely on a microbiom technology and similar ingredients. Even though such an approach to cosmetics is still fairly new, the effect should be familiar to people who eat probiotic yogurts, which are supposed to improve health from within. Our ‘Ingredient of the Month’ series explains where microbiome-based ingredients are already used in cosmetics and how manufacturers can cater to conscious consumers’ needs.… Read MoreWeiterlesen