Sugar vs. Sugar-free — What Do Conscious Consumers Want?

Lifestyle magazines and influencers are calling for sugar-free challenges, and fellow workers are passing up the cake and saying no to sweets. Sugar has suddenly become the number one public health enemy, and for good reason. The consumption of sugar is extremely high. In Germany alone, each person consumes approx. 30 kilograms of sugar per year. The World Health Organization recommends adults should not have more than six teaspoons of sugar a day.… Read MoreWeiterlesen

Pea protein — meat replacement innovation for vegans

Vegan burgers and other meat substitutes are becoming increasingly popular. The IPO from Beyond Meat, a US start-up that produces vegan burger patties, vegan sausages, and vegan minced meat, showed this in May. On the stock exchange, the share was able to climb over 163 percent compared with the issue price. This is the best IPO since 2000. One of the most important ingredients in Beyond Meat products is pea protein, shown by CodeCheck Insights to be the “ingredient of the month”. In this series, we will present a popular ingredient each month. … Read MoreWeiterlesen

The 5 Trending Products among Conscious Consumers in October

The roughly 3.5 million users of the CodeCheck app value sustainability and want better insight into the products they buy. Their lifestyle and purchasing behaviors are shaped by their desire to be healthier and to take responsibility for the future of the Earth.

This monthly review of CodeCheck Insights demonstrates which products in the CodeCheck community had particularly high interaction values (scanning, searching, displaying product pages, commenting, voting, and rating) during the past month and, therefore, attracted a lot of attention.… Read MoreWeiterlesen