The roughly 3.5 million users of the CodeCheck app value sustainability and want better insight into the products they buy. Their lifestyle and purchasing behaviors are shaped by their desire to be healthier and to take responsibility for the future of the Earth.

This monthly review of CodeCheck Insights demonstrates which products in the CodeCheck community had particularly high interaction values (scanning, searching, displaying product pages, commenting, voting, and rating) during the past month and, therefore, attracted a lot of attention.

Focus on skincare

October’s Top 5 is dominated by skincare products. Four out of the five products are in the skincare category: Kneipp Body Oil Skin Type, Speick Natural Soap, Greendoor Deo Cream, and Aok Day Cream Matt with White Tea. CodeCheck is a one-stop-shop for consumers looking for skin-friendly and environmentally-friendly personal care products. While Kneipp, Aok, and Speick have been extremely popular over decades, Greendoor features new innovative products. However, a high interaction value does not necessarily mean that all users are satisfied with the product. It can also demonstrate the distrust in products. As such, skincare products can also receive negative feedback from the community.

The only non-skincare product in October’s Top 5 is the Soya Drink Original with Calcium by Alpro Soya. Many conscious consumers see this beverage as a practical milk alternative. Not only do vegans abstain from cow’s milk, but lactose intolerant people are also looking for alternative options.

The 5 trending products among the CodeCheck community in October


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Methodology: All interactions triggered by CodeCheck users are measured. This includes scanning, searching, product page views, comments, voting and rating.