Healthy and sustainable products are what 3.5 million users of CodeCheck focus on. These users want products that are both healthy for the body and good for the environment.

In the monthly evaluation of CodeCheck Insights, we show those products with which conscious consumers had a particularly high interaction rate with last month (scanning, searching, displaying product pages, commenting, voting, and rating) and, thus, products that attracted a lot of attention.

Prepare skin for winter: The CodeCheck community relies on a lot of care

As in October, products from the body and skincare sector again attracted interest from conscious consumers in November. All of the top 5 products came from this sector. The interest in lip care and face cream products show that the CodeCheck community wants soft skin and lips, even in winter. In addition to ingredients that are nourishing and have good efficacy, CodeCheck users also value products that are packaged in an environmentally friendly way, are free of harmful ingredients, such as pungent surfactants, and contain no palm oil.

Looking for tailor-made insights on conscious consumers for your company?

Then, you may want to try and use CodeCheck Insights, the largest panel for conscious consumers in the German-speaking countries. The CodeCheck app platform is reaching 3.5 million users. Ask users directly and receive informative data and valuable insights into the desires of the discerning and conscious consumers – segmented according to your wishes.

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Methodology: All interactions triggered by CodeCheck users are measured. This includes scanning, searching, product page views, comments, voting and rating.