CodeCheck’s Business Model

CodeCheck finances itself primarily from native and display advertising. Moreover, we monetarise ourselves with shopping transactions and, through our ProVersion of the App. 2018, CodeCheck has thus begun to offer various analytical services and direct survey tools to FMCG manufacturers directly. Thus, the manufacturers receive anonymised and highly-processed evaluations in order to better understand the needs and wishes of conscious consumers and adapt their product developments to them. Via CodeCheck Insights, CodeCheck supports consumers to find better, healthier and more sustainable offerings when shopping. Thanks to CodeCheck Insights, the manufacturers learn to better understand the wishes of conscious consumers and to design their products to be healthier, environmentally-friendlier and more sustainable.

Absolute transparency in the communication with the users is also CodeCheck’s central guiding principle here.

Neutrality has the Highest Priority at CodeCheck

Our advertising or business partners have influence neither on the rating system nor on the editorial contents on the Web or in our apps. CodeCheck’s goals are the depiction of unbiased information as well as the financial safeguarding of our company. The segregation between unbiased information on the one hand and publications for advertising purposes on the other hand is the fundamental principle of all evaluations and editorial contents for which CodeCheck is responsible.

Native Advertising

With native advertising such as advertorials or context ads on CodeCheck, suitable products or services are always transparently labelled as being advertising – embedded in the text and visually into CodeCheck’s editorial environment. Because CodeCheck will be able to provide more precise recommendations in the future upon an interest-specific basis, the advertising will accordingly become more targeted. In this regard, you are supposed to be offered clear added value through interesting and relevant information. Advertising customers will also profit from the resulting advantages, e.g. creditability. Advertising customers will also have the option of sponsoring videos produced by CodeCheck.

Display Advertising

With regards to display advertising and/or the classical banner advertising, products and services are visually depicted, e.g. in the individual categories or in the news via advertising formats such as skyscraper, layer ads or also pop-ups on the Web and in the app.

CodeCheck API

CodeCheck offers access to the packaging data of millions of products. These data include, among others, the barcode number, the precise product name, the manufacturer, the individual ingredients/materials as well as the product category or, where applicable, the seal affixed to the respective product. With CodeCheck, partners can receive access to these product data and/or to the CodeCheck API and offer their own services to their users. A successful example of this is the Toxfox App from the Bund für Umwelt und Naturschutz Deutschland [German Ministry for the Protection of the Environment and Nature] (BUND) which has integrated CodeCheck’s product information and conducts evaluations upon this basis.

CodeCheck Insights

Less fat, less sugar, less preservatives, no palm oil, no parabens, sustainable packaging materials and many other features are becoming increasingly important these days during consumers’ purchasing decisions. CodeCheck Insights depicts the diversity of these customers’ wishes directly on the product level and enables manufacturers to develop products which are new, healthier, environmentally-friendlier and more sustainable as well as to also obtain feedback from consumers regarding their existing products – with regards to the direct exchange between both parties – from the consumer and the producing company as well as the retail shop.

In this regard, the following also applies: Absolute transparency in the communication with the users is CodeCheck’s central guiding principle – CodeCheck Insights offers exclusively anonymised and highly-processed recommendations for action and reports and summarises, for example, the user feedback published by CodeCheck. Individual user data are never disseminated.

You can find an overview of the relevant Data Protection Guidelines for the usage of our services here: Usage Terms and Conditions.

Shopping Transactions

An additional channel for financing CodeCheck is the shop-finder and/or shopping transactions. By using a link in the app and on the Web, a product can be ordered directly online via our partners (affiliates and direct customers).

CodeCheck Pro

CodeCheck can be used upon a free-of-charge basis, but also offers a fee-based Pro Version of the app. Via the Pro Version, the most-viewed products can also be accessed offline and the app is even faster during usage because it can be used completely without any advertising. A portion of the proceeds in this regard flow back to our company.

Via the usage of the Pro Version of the app, users support the unbiased work of CodeCheck – in this regard, it supplants the financing via advertising proceeds. CodeCheck Pro can be purchased via one’s iTunes and/or Play-Store account.