Actionable Insights
for Sustainable Innovations.

Interact with and learn from 3 million conscious consumers.
Codecheck Insights

Our three most wanted tailor made solutions:

Brand & Category Insights
Get unaided brand and product activity tracking, instant consumer reactions, and early trends.

Concept to Product Tests
Get fast consumer feedback for innovation success with customized and deep segmentations.

Launch Alarm
Be the first to know on how products perform at the POS with high quality consumer feedback and product ratings.

Our Segment:



Users aware and concerned about environmental impact of products.

> 1,700


Rapidly engage users with new products and influence community with recommendations.



People who take care of their health and well-being.


Diet lifestyle

Refers to the nutritional prefernce of users which can be vegan, vegetarian, glutenfree and lactose-free

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